Founders’ Son

What is new about Founders’ Son? In this book I look where Abraham Lincoln looked—to the founding fathers who inspired him to take up public life, who showed him how to win arguments, and who laid out America’s principles. The founders gave Lincoln direction, which bound all his talents—politics, humor, poetry, leadership—together. Our greatest man was shaped by our original…[read more]

James Madison

James Madison is known as the Father of the Constitution—attending and recording every session of the Constitutional Convention; leading the fight for ratification in his native Virginia; co-authoring the Federalist Papers, and shepherding the Bill of Rights through the First Congress. But he was also the Father of Politics. He founded the first political party, ancestor of today’s Democrats. He…[read more]

Right Time, Right Place

Three books in one: a portrait of conservative icon William F. Buckley, Jr.; a history of forty years of American politics; and a memoir of a mentor, friend and surrogate father who discovered me as a teen-ager, tapped me to be his successor—then changed his mind.