Books: What Would the Founders Do?

Basic Books, 2003 | ISBN 0-465-00819-4

We still use their Constitution, and they’re a lot closer to us than Charlemagne. What the founding fathers would say about God, race, drugs, guns, sex, war and negative campaigning.


Who cares what the founders would do? Who believes that the experiences, opinions, or plans of men who lived two hundred years ago could have any relevance to our problems? Who imagines that the founders could answer our questions?

We do. I have heard it with my own ears. Over the past decade, I have given hundreds of talks about the founding fathers, on radio and TV, and to live audiences. Every time there is an opportunity for Q&A, there is at least one question of the form, “What would Founder X think about current event, or living person, Y?” No subject is too trivial, no problem too difficult.

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